Let's Dart

★★★ Get the best Dart game on App Store now~! :D

Do you enjoy throwing darts? Now try them on your iPhone with Let’s Dart! Oh, wait, wait. Please don’t throw real darts at your phone! You can throw one by simply touching the screen! We prepared 3 different game modes for you to enjoy.

1. Casual mode : Play and level up! Achieve goals and gather gold coins! :D
2. Infinite mode : Keep on throwing and make consecutive bullseyes!
3. Real mode (Count-up) : Throw darts with real rules of ‘Count-up’. You have 8 rounds of 3 darts. Make your best score and compete with your friends! :D

★ Simple control, just swipe to aim and release to shoot!
★ Fast-paced game
★ Objectives given on casual mode
★ Consecutive Bullseyes
★ Various darts, spots and boards.

Easy, Challenging & Addictive! Let’s Dart!

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