Let’s Start Cooking

★ The app is wonderfully- entertaining while educating how to take the first step toward art of cooking. Let Italian Chief introduce your Little Chief to the land of zest and fun! ★

Is your child willing to help you in the kitchen? Eager to cook, boil, mix, cut and sprinkle? It’s no wonder! Cooking is a lot of fun, fun for everyone! So, it’s time to start cooking!

Clear and cheerful instruction brings kids into Italian cuisine- delicious, mouth-watering and well-recognized all over the world.

Easy-to-use interface let kids focus on real pleasure of cooking while reminds grown-ups tase of holiday!

★★★ This app’s many features include: ★★★
• All fast but genuine italian recipes-you can choose between lasagna, tomato salad and pizza to be prepared!
• Step-by-step animation tips-let kids prepare meal by their own!
• Helpful audio description-kids can easily follow!
• Highly interactive- tap, drag, tilt and shake your iphone in many culinary tricks!
• The app will amuse both kids and growns-up.

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