Let’s Spy

LET’S SPY is an extremely “difficult” and challenging board game.
If you think you are smart and love to challenge games like Sudoku, Chess and Minesweeper, then you will definitely love LET’S SPY.

At the start of the game, neither player knows the actual position of his opponent. By performing mandatory actions such as bombing or hiring, each player can deduce the actual position of his enemy. Your goal is to identify and kill the opponent’s king before he kills you.

Your opponent is hidden in one of the card with rank number 4. You must find and kill him before he kills you.

1. LET’S SPY is a 8×8 board game.
2. Each card is equipped with a forehead guard with different rank number.
3. Rank number represents the range of action, attack power, and defense rating.
4. To kill a card, the total attack (bombs) that place onto the targeted card must be greater than the defense rating of the targeted card.
5. Money can be earned when you kill a card.
6. You can use money to hire a new card.
7. You can use blue or red pin during your deduction. Correct guess with red pin can give you additional score.
8. You can use SPY-glass to reveal the true identity of any card.
9. You can use SPY-shield to protect your card against the effect of the least power (attack) bomb.

You can play with global with just a click on the “challenge global spy”

You can challenge any of your friends in our “challenge facebook” mode. Remember, you will also auto enrolled into our weekly contest once you have completed one facebook game

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