Let’s play ChamChamCham

FREE until May 31 2012!

I made this iPhone app for kids.

It is called “ChamChamCham”.

It is also a simple and funny game!

Now, enjoy this game with your family or friends.

It is also executable on the iPad.

***** Key Features *****

1. I used characters familiar to kids

2. You can use your funny photo for laughing character.

3. You can use your funny voice for laughing character.

***** How to play *****

1. Pressing [play]button, you can see the [I’m ready] character.

2. Saying “ChamChamCham”, tap on the nose of character twice.
And then swipe his lips in your desired direction.

3. If your desired direction is same with character’s, you win.
And you will see the disappointed face and voice of character.

4. If the opposite direction, you lose.
And you will see the laughing face and voice.

5. Pressing [My Photo], you can register your photo as the laughing character.

6. Pressing [My voice], you can register your voice as the laughing character.

7. Pressing [Del Mine], you can remove your voice and photo from this app.


Now, have a funny time with this game. Thanks!

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