Leslie West – String Bend'a

Play along with a rock icon in Leslie West String Bend’a, the newest music action game for your iPhone. If you like Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Tap Tap Revenge, you’ll love Leslie West String Bend’a, featuring three great songs from the master of rock guitar, including the megahit Mississippi Queen.

Leslie West has gained fame the world over during his 30-plus year career as one of the most innovative and influential musicians in the history of rock music. He is most noted for his role as leader of the explosive hard rock trio, Mountain, which was named by VH-1 as one of the Top 100 Hard Rock Groups of all time. With Mountain, he climbed the heights of rock stardom on the strength of a unique, signature guitar sound and the classic song “Mississippi Queen”.

Leslie West String Bend’a includes three great songs to play, 1. the classic Mississippi Queen, 2. Leslie West’s version of the hit song House of the Rising Sun, and 3. a world premiere song from Leslie West, Mud Flap Mama.

In addition to the great music rhythm game play, the app includes access to Leslie West Online, a fan site with access to great Leslie West and Mountain merchandise, and Global High Score Leaderboards powered by OpenFeint.

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