Lena Games Taipei

Lena Games Taipei is a Mahjong solitaire game for iPhone and iPad.
The game rules are classic: at each move you remove a pair of similar
tiles from the board, the goal is to remove all tiles.
Only those tiles can to be removed that are not covered by other tiles.

Lena Games Taipei features:
★ 63 game layouts for iPad, 34 layouts for iPhone
★ Most layouts use the whole set of 144 tiles, some layouts are smaller
★ Changeable tilesets and backgrounds
★ Unlimited Undo command
★ Hints suggesting for a selected tile or the entire layout
★ Tiles reshuffling: up to 3 reshuffles can be made in each game
★ Show Solution feature to prove layout solvability
★ Autosave: no data loss after a phone call or after switching to another application
★ Zoom command (on iPhone) to make the tiles larger
★ Magnifying glass (on iPhone) – you can easily tap small tiles
★ Optional dimming of blocked tiles
★ Optional sound effects and Oriental music background
★ iPhone Retina and 4-inch Retina display supported

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