Legends Of Alehkam

Very attractive and addictive role playing game.
Simple to play with beautiful interface.
Hours of fun for your boring moments!!!

Game characteristics:
★ Choose your race and class
★ Fight agains variety of monsters in different scenarios
★ Dozens of weapons, armors, magic elements and potions
★ Store to buy weapons, spells, armors and potions.
★ 11 stages with fantastic art
★ 2 game modes: Quest and Battle
★ In-app purchases
★ Progress though the game and share your achievements through Twitter, Facebook and Game Center
★ Languages: English and Spanish
★ Ready for Retina Display

“When you arrive where your teacher, you find all in shambles. The dark ruler of the kingdom of Odrazil has made a precise and effective attack… Not only has he completely destroyed the master’s academy, but he has left badly wounded virtually all students and has kidnapped his young daughter. Your master’s wife is seriously wounded which prevents him from going to save her. Only you can rescue her.”

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