Full Version Limited off! $3.99 -> FREE!!
★★ THE LEGEND HERO is now available on Apple App Store!!★★
《LEGEND HERO》is a game that has features of action arcade.

Hello! World of App Store Gamers!
Now, we are introducing my Hero!!

Dr.Kim knew of alien’s invasion of Earth after hearing the Mayan’s prophecy.
He and World Allience built laboratory to fight against aliens…making a Human-like Super Secret Weapon called “Legend Hero”,
The Legend Hero is “Hun”
Let’s start the game!

LA, A girl! – Maybe he is last 5th hero, who leaves to earth!!
Tokyo, Mr. Nakamura – He is really quickly guy!!
London, Professor Sebastian – I don’t know which energy used by the guy.
Paris, Woman Louis – Best fashion sense!
Seoul, Mr. Kim – Really Hero in our life!

[Key Features]
– Fantastic game plays effect
– Easy game control and speedy battle
– Cute Hero and Huge Enemy characters
– Various Skills and Items
– 7 Local (America, France, Africa, Brazil, China, Japan and Moon)
– 22 city and country
– Final fantastic “Lethal Moves”

+ This game supports only English.

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