Legacy of a Thousand Suns

* The top RPG from Facebook is now available on iOS!

“…Provides one of the best experiences in text-based RPG gaming.” -Gamezebo

* Free to play, 5 stars on Facebook

* Hundreds of quests and world raids

* Rich storyline

* Battle hundreds of unique boss monsters

* Win loot

Old rivals bring new technology to declare war on Sian. The enemies begin their hunt for Princess Illaria. Her time is running out. Gather your friends and form a noble alliance to wage war against evil. Only you can save her now.

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NOTE: Supports iOS 4.0 and above. Supports non-Retina, Retina, and Retina 4″ displays. Full support for iOS 6. For best results, play current generation iOS devices.

©2013 Spellgun Studios, Zattikka, 5th Planet, Concept Art House © All Rights Reserved

Legacy of a Thousand Suns is also available on Kongregate and Facebook.