Lebumj is an advanced Jumble Game with fresh set of words powered by Wordnik dictionary, which means words will not repeat. You get to play with fresh set of words every time.

Features :

Definition : Shows the definition of the word
Synonyms : Shows synonyms of the word if there is any available
Shuffle : Re-shuffles the jumbled letters
Solve : Solves the Puzzle and brings up a new Puzzle
New : Skips the current puzzle and brings up a new Puzzle
Clear : Clears the selected letters
Touching the word in the complete list shows the definition of that word.

Points :

Every word solved without looking at definition gets 2 points
Every word solved after looking at the definition gets 1 point
Auto Solving or incorrectly solving a puzzle gets a negative point
Looking at synonym does not affects the points
Why Lebumj?

Lebumj is itself a jumble of word “Jumble”

Visit us at lebumj.com

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