League of RPS.

“League of RPS”, the world first strategic “RPS” online game.

The brain battles against people of world.

Everyday 20 games for free.

** Features **
-. 10 people can play at once.
-. The player will be paid 6 cards in random and play until the cards out.
-. The winner can choose and get one of cards used at the game he won.
-. Play with guessing the match player’s cards composition.(Strategy & Psychological warfare)
-. Various items (a Magnifier, a Reflection Mirror, a Invincible Card, a Booster)
-. Various Avatars with personalities.
-. Buying items/tickets with stars from games.
-. Everyday 20 games for free

!! Caution !!
-. This game requires an internet connection
-. This game allow you to purchase in-game-items for real money.

-. Daily free tickets are recharged after you start a game.
-. The Ranking is updated on 8:00 AM(UTC+09:00 standard) of the next day.

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