League of Evil 3

Universal Rating: 12+

League of Evil 3 is a game from Ravenous Games Inc., originally released 27th June, 2013


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League of Evil 3 Review

No wonder America is lagging behind other countries in the science and technology race. If League of Evil 3 is anything to go by, scientists are getting slaughtered left and right by guys with robotic arms. It’s all in the name of terrorist prevention in this ferociously challenging sequel to—you guessed it—League of Evil 2. It’s more of the same but with fiendishly challenging levels that will please veterans of the first two.

Let’s get this out of the way: League of Evil 3 is hard. Harder than nails. Harder than concrete. Harder than Bruce Lee punching a bear encased in diamonds. League of Evil 2, while still immensely difficult, slowly ramped up the challenge over the course of its first level pack. In this sequel there’s none of that nonsense: The difficulty curve is like jumping into the Grand Canyon with lead weights in your shoes.


So what differentiates League of Evil 3 from the other two games in the series? Not much, really. The concept is identical: As a robotically-armed tough, you jump, double-jump, and wall-climb through fiendishly constructed levels that’s out to kill you in every way possible. Punch the scientist into smithereens to win. It is possible to clumsily bludgeon your way through each of the 85 levels, though the emphasis is on speed. Completion time is graded out of three stars, and Game Center leaderboards, achievements, and those hidden briefcases are all included. Dedicated speedrunners will love the integrated video capture and sharing service.

After booting it up for the first time you would be forgiven for checking to see if you hadn’t mistakenly opened League of Evil 2 by mistake. The first set of levels even takes place in the same uninspiring concrete bunker, though later on you unlock levels set underwater and in—cue Dr. Evil voice—liquid hot magma. The spinning hammers are back, as are the laser guns, but this iteration adds saw blades to the mix. Like I needed another reason to drop-kick my iPhone in rage.


More of the same isn’t a bad thing when the games are as well polished as this. Each level is a bite-sized puzzle that demands split-second reflexes and steely nerves. The investment needed to master each level is substantial but the feeling upon completion is great. When you fail, you know it’s entirely your fault, and not due to the impeccably engineered controls. Platformers can be an iffy proposition on Apple’s buttonless devices, but the developers have made the controls as seamless as possible.

The first League of Evil has the benefit of lots of bonus level packs, while League of Evil 2 has swanky cartoonish visuals and music and a difficulty level that isn’t as challenging as the sequel. Those two are the better bets for series neophytes, but grizzled vets out to test their prowess will love this new entry. Now I think it’s time for League of Evil 4: Scientists Strike Back.