Lead the Brave

Rating: 4+

Lead the Brave is a game from Hiromu Kato, originally released 3rd October, 2013


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Lead the Brave Review

The goal of each level in Lead the Brave is to lead a knight to a treasure chest. There are no enemies to fight, and you can’t really lose. The only thing that a player battles in this game are the controls. But that’s not a complaint–that’s the whole purpose of this unique puzzle game.

At the bottom of the screen there are four buttons, and each one allows you to move the hero in the corresponding direction. But when you push a button to move the knight, all of the buttons change. For example, the down arrow will move to where the up arrow should be. It makes things interesting, because in order to move in the correct direction you need to make sure you’re pushing the correct directional buttons, and since they’re moving around, it’s one more thing you need to keep track of.


Despite the game’s simplicity there are a few flaws. First of all, it’s a really short game. Once you get familiar with the game mechanics, it can be beaten in less than a minute. Literally. There are only five levels, and the layouts are pretty easy to memorize. So after that, all you need to do is look at the buttons to guide the hero to the treasure.

There’s not much in terms of replay value, since it’s mainly just a speed run. So the end game is really just trying to go through the game faster and faster. You can post your times to Twitter, Facebook, or Game Center if you choose to, but after that, there’s no real replay value. This game would benefit from some content updates down the line. Perhaps with updates, more levels could be added, or maybe you can customize the look of your hero or something.

Judging from the leaderboards, there aren’t that many people playing this game, so it could be a quickly forgotten experience. Lead the Brave is fun enough for a (very) quick gameplay experience, but it’s over far too quickly. If you’re curious, it’s free, so give it a try.