LDS Jigsaw Puzzles

The FREE LDS Jigsaw Puzzles app by lets you solve jigsaw puzzles using the wonderful images from the LDS Gospel Art Book. 10 well-known images from the Book of Mormon are included with more puzzle packs available within the app.

**More puzzle packs will become available soon, so please keep checking inside the app for them to appear**

Main Features:
★ Intuitive and simple design so everyone from little kids through adults can easily use the app
★ Your family and friends will love to play it!
★ Easily flip through the puzzle images using our innovative image carousel
★ Select from 6 skill levels – Novice (20 puzzle pieces) all the way through EXTREME (360 puzzle pieces)
★ In-game help window that explains how the puzzle controls work
★ Optional preview (cheat!) window to view the completed puzzle while solving it – the preview window can be dragged around as needed or closed.
★ Quickly and easily scroll through all the puzzle pieces for the image you are solving
★ The edge filter button lets you only view the puzzle pieces for the edges of the puzzle (since most people like to start with those)
★ Choose from 12 wonderful background images behind your puzzle
★ Ability to save your puzzle and solve it at a later time

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