Lazy Green Lite

Climate change is a critical threat to our planet but because the scope of the issue is so huge we tend to think unless we become staunch activists and environmentalists nothing we do will make a difference. Lazy Green was created on the belief that with our small efforts combined we can make a huge difference without becoming an activist just by making a few slight changes in our homes.

Lazy Green Lite is a game that helps lazy environmentalists save energy by raising a hummingbird threatened by climate change(penguin, polar bear, lion, sea turtle – only available in full version). Perform any one of the easy energy saving tasks and gain carbon points. With the carbon points, provide the hummingbird with food, toys, and block the harmful effects of climate change. Lazy Green Lite also helps you purchase energy-saving products online and keeps track of your energy-saving record. Have fun while you save energy and help fight climate change the lazy way.

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