Lava Jigsaw HD

This beautifully designed Jigsaw Puzzle game will bring hours of fun to the whole family. It features a unique multi-screen play area with pieces of consistent size, making it suitable for players of all ages. The smaller puzzles are great for children or when you need a quick game, with puzzles over 900 pieces to challenge even pro puzzlers.


• Fully 3D rendered pieces look and play like real pieces
• Super high resolution puzzle pictures with vibrant color and detail
• Puzzle library contains 80 puzzles up to 902 pieces (virtual size 82x44cm)
• Large buttons and text size for easy navigation by players of all ages
• Includes rich descriptive background info about each puzzle picture
• New puzzle collections with varied themes are released each week
• A selection of board textures and relaxing background music
• Free collections are released every month for your pleasure
• Earn points and achievements for completing puzzles
• Kids puzzle collections are always half-price
• You can play several puzzles at once

Lava Jigsaw is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying Jigsaw Puzzle games on the iPad.

NOTE: We cannot respond to any questions about the app which you leave in the app reviews. If you need help, please contact us by email at

iPad 1 users: Collections with larger puzzles (more than 200 pcs) are not shown in the store on iPad 1, due to memory limitations on this device.

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