Last Space Hero

Your planet is under attack by an alien army with only one thing on their mind — ANNIHILATION! Deep in space, all alone, and out of fuel, it’s up to you to destroy the aliens and save your planet.

Do you have what it takes to be the Last Space Hero?


★ 20 levels of non-stop “heart pounding” action!

★ Unlock weapons such as a rocket launcher, EMP blast, laser, gatling gun, photonic cannon, and more!

★ Each weapon upgradable 6 times, unlocked as you destroy the aliens and move up the levels.

★ Lots of cool alien ships to blow up!

★ Console quality boss battles!

★ Earn diamonds to unlock a ton of power ups, upgrade your weapons, and more!

★ Simple controls! Jump right into the action!

★ Original soundtrack and SFX sounds!

★ Game Center Leaderboards & Achievements!

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