Last One Wins!

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“Last One Wins!” is an iPad multiplayer game (everyone on the same iPad) with two bright rules only:

– Be the last to take your finger off
– Take your finger off before the buzzer rings

To start the game, whoever wants to play touches the screen and keeps his finger on. The last one taking his finger off before the end of the time wins. The timer counts every seconds… but the light may go off at any moment, making it impossible to see the remaining time! Players have to mentally count the seconds, trying to take their fingers off at the right moment!… as close as possible to the end of the time but not after the buzzer rings!

The game has nice vintage graphics and sounds, and perfect reactivity. No menu, no ads, no registration, just play immediately! Players can enter in the game until the light goes off. One more thing: think about shaking your iPad just after the game is loaded… it swaps the background between a few beautiful old-looking pictures.

“Last One Wins!” is the nice fast casual game you can play with anyone, anywhere. Even solo if you want to train your internal clock!

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