LaserBug Lite

– Lite version–
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Laserbug is a cute, funny and fast-paced old school action platformer for the iPod & iPhone.

LaserBug features:

* innovative gameplay inspired by old arcade games
* nice 3D graphics with dynamic lighting
* advanced physics
* 50+ levels
* innovative controls
* several cool weapon/player upgrades
* hiscore & autosave function

Take a look at the gameplay movies on youtube!

Needs a second generation ipod touch. (or iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS)

Customer review – toucharcade forums:
“So I’ve been busy trying LaserBug. Didn’t know what to expect, it is really unique and the use of tilt controls is excellent, in fact the controls in general rock. It is a lot cooler then the screenshots alone show, your bug can jump and shoots a variety of different ways, rapid, tri-shot, etc from power ups. Also, you’re not limited to one screen, it’s a bit of a platformer and as your guy moves the screen scrolls along. LaserBug offers an impressive amount of action, I’m sure it will come as a surprise to most. Gonna go back to the game now.” IPGN Unleashed episode 31:
“Freaking awesome as h*ll!”, “fun fun fun!”

featured on iTunes US: “Staff favourites”

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