Lady Samurai

LADY SAMURAI – The most exciting action-rhythm game! Now on iOS platform.

Lady, a revengeful young samurai who tries to avenge the death of her beloved father, receives a mysterious but deadly power from an ancient samurai ghost. The power is so strong lady fell to unconscious.

Back to her conscious, She soon finds herself in a place that she wanted to be all these years, the place where she can execute her vengeance!

LADY SAMURAI is rhythm-based, action-packed game in which you fight enemies using swipe and tap gesture.

Unlike other rhythm games, which usually ignore the rhythm of soundtrack, LADY SAMURAI combines furious action and rhythm of soundtrack to create a whole new game experience.

LADY SAMURAI is the most innovative game that you must have!


★ Innovative action-rhythm gameplay
★ Characters drawn from ancient eastern mythology
★ Original soundtracks feature a unique fusion of techno and ancient eastern instruments
★ 9 levels and a variety of different game modes
★ Normal, Expert and Master difficulty settings to accommodate players of all skill levels
★ Use tap or swipe gesture rhythmically to attack enemies
★ Gorgeous graphics and hot lady samurai design
★ Fully animated characters and enemies
★ More exciting contents will be in next update

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