La Fattoria Parlante

The Italian Talking Farm is an easy way to start teaching Italian to your babies. The game helps to teach the names of 8 different animals, teaches to recognize them by listening to their voices, it teaches to find them by their names.
Moreover, in order to remind all the information learned, the game uses a video with a nice nursery rhyme.
There are 5 sections:

1) Touch the animal (Tocca l’animale). Useful to interact with the icons of animals and learn their voices
2) Quiz #1 – Who is. Useful to link the voices of the animals to their names in Italian
3) Quiz #2 – Where is. Useful to recognize the animals by remembering the names
4) Free Style. The kids can shake the iPhone in order to listen randomly to the voices!
5) The Video with nursery rhyme.

The game is also delivered on iPad (separated version) and like that version it allows users to rotate the iPhone and the iPod Touch in order to change the point of view and the related graphics.
The interface is quite simple, designed to being used by kids till 36 months.
Don’t miss the chance to teach a new language to your kid! Use this game to do this and to let your kid getting fun!

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