Kung Fu V1.0

Quick responding and exact striking is essential requirement for a KUNG FU master. 3D rendering is a whole new experience for you! When you click the screen the hero will strike on the same direction. You should be aware all the time, when there is an object come over, should strike it as soon as possible. Once you smash the object up, your response time will be showed on the bottom right corner. Correspondently, the bar on the top left corner will increase a bit, on the contrary, if you miss one object the bar will decrease a bit. If you have the bar fully increased before the object used up and then you win. Congratulations! Your skill level increases. You can enter next customs. With the increasing of your level, you can learn new movements which will make you quicker and more powerful. By the way, don’t forget to search the booth where there might be anther role hiding inside and waiting for you. When you reach a certain level, you can also find a surprise in the booth! Who will be the KUNG FU king?
感谢雷锋网评测推荐——Kung Fu:真正的易玩难精的反应游戏 。

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