Kung Fu Fox HD

Kung Fu Fox HD is in App Store Top200 GAME in many countries, like US, Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan…
Kung Fu Fox HD is in App Store Top 5 Kids Game in 7 Countries,
Japan Kids Game: No. 3
Thailand Kids Game: No.1
Vietnam Kids Game: No.1
China Kids Game: No.4
Taiwan Kids Game:No.4
Hongkong Kids Game:No.5
Singapore Kids Game:No.9

Cute Kung Fu Fox is coming!

Kung Fu Fox’s special talents:
Kung Fu drawing—use colorful lines to create a brand new world!
Kung Fu secret weapon—use your powerful weapon to attack enemies!

How to play:
Draw lines, shoot weapons to defeat enemies.
Yes, it’s just that simple. Come with the cute fox, practice your Kung Fu and grow to be a Kung Fu master!

In the distant and mysterious East, a tranquil maintain, one cute tiny fox is learning and practicing Kung Fu, aiming at being the best Kung Fu master in the world.

The tiny fox is now practicing an occult skill which is lost for thousand years —Kung Fu drawing! This skill allows the magic Kung Fu pen to draw any lines and make them real. Draw the boards, bridges, traps, flowers, elephants, anything interesting! Widen your imagination, draw with Kung Fu fox to create a brand new world.

Tiny fox is also learning Eastern secret weapons—powerful whirling darts, flying knives, and of course Chinese traditional tool—firecracker, which Chinese children use to celebrate the New Year! Try the fun of it!

–Interesting physics game
–Puzzle game
–hand drawing to create the new world
–share the pictures you draw with your friends on SNS
-–many funny weapons: whirling darts, flying knives, explosive bomb
-–Many enjoyable levels, different day and night scene, and new levels are continued updating and adding. Expect your attention!

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