Do you like logic games and puzzles? Then this game is for you! Although at first glance “Kubix” looks like a well-known and popular classic game, it has 3 new game modes: “Survival”, “Slicer”, and “Destroy” that are much more difficult, but also much more interesting than the classic mode. Test your reaction time and attention!

Old Traditions and New Technologies have been combined in the new “Kubix” game.

RULES:Move and change the sequence of “kubus” to break as many lines as possible.
How many points can you score?
COMPATIBLE: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad;
GRAPHICS: Unique animated graphics in high resolution;
MUSIC: Background melodies, sound effects in Menu and also during the game;
PLAYING FIELD SIZE: custom-width 11, height 21;
FALLING SPEED: increasing, but at the beginning of the game you can choose the level and the speed;
CONTROL: Everything is in your hands;
FEATURES: Kubus is the main piece of the game and it consists of many “kubixes” which are square cells, smaller in size. Kubus can take any form, being composed of many kubixes of different color (from 1 to 16 kubixes).The game allows you to see which kubuses will fall on the playing field next. This gives you an opportunity to plan how to build kubuses better. Moreover, you can hold the next kubus if its configuration does not fit your construction plans at that moment;

Knead your fingers and practice because the next version will have Multiplayer mode which means that you can expect some serious online battles.The winners will receive valuable prizes!!!
Start playing this exciting and fascinating game now. Test your skills and track your stats for all modes. Each line counts.
We hope you will like our game!
Enjoy! Criticize!

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