Universal Rating: 9+

Krashlander is a game from Farseer Games LLC, originally released 7th February, 2013


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Krashlander Review

In Krashlander, alien robots have invaded Earth. For some reason, your best method of attack is to ski across dangerous terrain and body-slam into these invaders. Your main weapon here is speed, and you will need to learn to maneuver, jump, and maintain balance in order to reach your targets. Otherwise, physics will take over, and you’ll only tumble off a cliff.

The controls for Krashlander are clever and simple. In each level, you have a right thumb wheel that controls the physical posture of your skier. You can move your thumb down to crouch or slide it up to stand. Moving your thumb left and right causes your skier to duck or bend. Adjusting your posture can cause your skier to lean into a downhill slalom or bend to avoid low-hanging icicles.


These controls also hold the key to advanced maneuvers. To jump, you need to crouch and then quickly tap the standing position. Similar movements are necessary for approaching cliffs. You’ll also use this wheel to keep balance while in the air by sliding your thumb left and right. Without balance, your skier will topple. If you land just right, you’ll maintain speed, which you’ll need to hit your targets properly.

Each level contains hills, valleys, gaps, and robot targets at the finish line. At the beginning of each level, you can swipe and pinch to look around to strategize your attack. You may have multiple targets to hit, which may require multiple runs. Luckily, you can restart at the top as many times as you like to attack all of the targets. Restarting a level doesn’t remove your defeated targets, but you can achieve a perfect run if you can take out all your targets at once.


The game begins simple enough, but you’ll soon find that you need an advanced grasp of the controls. Krashlander is forgiving though, and it rewards persistence. You either have to complete a level or fail at it 10 times before the next opens up.

Krashlander has a simple but artistic visual style, with the entire game consisting of silhouetted mountains with colored backdrops. It takes the distraction out of the game and lets you focus on the task at hand.

The great thing about Krashlander is you can play each level a little differently. You can do flips off of cliffs if you want, or you can play it safe. It’s a game that makes you feel cool when you pull off all the right moves.