Kozmos: Virtual Pets

Wish you could raise your own evolving virtual pet? Nurture your Kozmo and share it with your friends!

Raise your Kozmos from a choice of a variety of eggs with over 60 evolutions from infancy into adulthood. Care for your Kozmos. Wash, feed, play with them! Watch them grow right before your eyes!

Be the first of your friends to discover a new evolution. Share your Kozmos on Facebook and Twitter!

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If you love your kozmos and want to see more evolutions, don’t forget to rate Kozmos 5 stars!


* Over 60 unique and adorable Kozmo pets to raise!
* Evolve in stages: from infancy to toddler to teenage years and finally into adulthood!
* Large variety of mini games to play, with more on the way every month!
* Over 20 types of food and toys to keep your virtual pet happy!
* Collectibles, game center achievements, and much, much more!
* Customize your Kozmos habitat!
* Limitless amounts of fun for all ages!
* Incredible high resolution, colorful Retina graphics!
* Share your Kozmo pet with friends on Facebook and Twitter!
* Unlike many mobile games Kozmos does not require a constant internet connection! IPod / iPad owners rejoice!!
* Constant FREE updates!

* Don’t just take our word for it! Hatch a Kozmo on your iPhone, iPod or iPad today for FREE!

NOTE: Kozmos is an ever evolving mobile game where you care for dozens of Kozmos. Expect updates continually with new content and features. We love to hear feedback from our fans, so feel free to contact us with your own Kozmos ideas.


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