Kopfnuss – Brain Twister

Train your brain with Kopfnuss -Kopfnuss Brain Twister is the perfect game to keep yourself on the go and to enjoy your time with a good game.

Based on the game “pairs”, you need to find two identical pictures hidden under the game cards. But this time you only have a certain amount of lives for each level. Don’t make mistakes to get into the high score. Your game is automatically saved, so you can resume whenever you want.

The game provides a joker for you, which will automatically make the next move. You also have a chance to have a quick preview on all cards, in case you get stuck. Use these features wisely!

This nice and smoothly animated game is for people of all ages with a good memory. It has an interesting interface and brings lots of love for details. This game will not just train your brain; it will also make sure that you have an awesome gameplay as well.

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