Konex Puzzle

Konex is a puzzle game with a simple goal: you must find the link between 16 seemingly unrelated clues on the Konex wall.

Easy to learn, quick to play and highly addictive – Konex will test the ability of your brain to think logically and make connections between words, concepts and ‘things’ in the real world. Konex covers various fields of general knowledge trivia including films, TV, books, science, technology, history and geography.

* 15 walls FREE
* 3 levels of difficulty: EASY, NORMAL and HARD
* Compare your scores with others online
* Choose from 4 different themes
* Purchase additional wall banks
* Works on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

How to Play:
* You will be presented with a wall of 16 clues. Your goal is to sort them into four connected groups of four within 3 minutes.
* Some clues may belong to more than one group. However, there is only one complete solution.
* Each correct group earns 25% but an incorrect guess deducts 1%. When there are only two groups left to solve, you will only have 3 guesses left.
* You can play a wall more than once but only your first score will be recorded. Have fun!

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