Knock It

Dodge Ball, Billiards, Golf, Checkers, Arcade and Strategy – All in One Game! Complete the campaign or compete with your friends to conquer all Islands!

That’s right, General, you will fight your way through endless islands of the archipelago to become the ultimate master of the Land. Fight hard and look out for different barriers and traps on the battlefield.

Develop your own Strategy and Tactics to succeed in this Epic Battle!


– Campaign Mode
– Two Players Mode
– Total 100 levels
– Comfortable interface
– Intuitive controls
– Aiming Beam feature
– iPad/iPhone/iPod universal version
– Game Center Best Scores Table


Touch the chosen ball to make a shot, pull finger in the opposite direction to the strike and let go. The beam shows the direction of the shot and its power which is identified by its length.

Your objective is to beat all opponent’s balls out from the island and to move on the next level. The aim of the game is to reach the last island, win the battle and become the conqueror of the whole archpelago.

The game includes in-app purchases.

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