KneeBouncers Vol2 – for iPad

Five baby and toddler friendly games in one app – straight from the popular website. is designed for the youngest of family members to play online without having to use mouse! And now you can take the games with you!

In KneeBouncers Volume 2 you’ll get the following five games:

1. Music Maker – your little one can play the piano, the guitar or bang the drums!

2. Sea Saw – your little one will travel under the sea and discover a friendly fishy world!

3. Vroom – big trucks making big truck noises roll in to play!

4. Holey Moley – the KneeBouncer friends pop up and down from a whole lot of holes!

5. Funny Numbers – count the balloons as they come up and as they pop!

Look for more KneeBouncers games in Volumes 1, 3 & 4!

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a whole lotta fun for the itty bitty ones.

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