KL Mahjong 麻将

Top Game in Malaysia AppStore!

KL Mahjong comes to the AppStore! The first game on iPhone & iPod Touch that features Mahjong with Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia rules.

KL Mahjong is the fastest of all Mahjong. Each game should only take 30 seconds.

It features 84 tiles consisting of:
– 36 circle tiles
– 28 honor tiles
– 8 flower tiles
– 4 animal tiles
– 4 face tiles
– 4 joker tiles

Yes, there are 4 jokers in this game!

Other features include:
1) Bluetooth enabled local multiplayer game.
2) Unlockable rounds limit and starting money.
3) Minimum 5 points to win. Double reward on 10 points.
4) Joker, bites & gongs bring extra rewards.
5) Jokers can be swapped back into the hand.

- 36张筒子
- 28张字牌
- 8张花牌
- 4张动物牌
- 4张人头
- 4张飞牌


Download KL Mahjong today!

For features requests & suggestions, do visit our website http://gamefrontz.com

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