KL Darts Pro

*** Requires a iPad running the (PAID) app KL Dartboard 2.5 for game play ***

KL Darts Pro for the iPhone/iPod connects your iPad and your iPhone for a all new dart throwing experience. Start by running the (PAID) KL Dartboard app on your iPad and KL Darts (FREE) or KL Darts Pro (PAID) on your iPhone/iPod.

The two devices will connect using Bluetooth so you can play anywhere even without Internet access.

Your iPad becomes your very own executive desktop Dartboard and your iPhone/iPod now holds your brand new darts!! Simply aim your iPhone/iPod by tilting it left, right ,up ,or down then with a quick shake motion you will throw your first dart!!! The dart will zip off your iPhone/iPod and if your aiming is right it will appear on your iPad and hit it’s mark!!!

Features :

• Eight Flights Included (Skull, Flames, Butterflies, Aliens, Green, Red, Silver, and Pink).
• Flight Shop – (in-app flight store).
• Three Darts For Each Player.
• Switch Player Control.
• Remote Score Reset.
• Laser Pointer, to help you aim!
• Realistic Sound Effects.

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