Kiwi Farm

Kiwi Farm 2.0 gets a new active defense system. When your kiwis are under attack by the pests, you can tap on them in order to scare the pests off from your kiwi vine. This brings to the virtual kiwi farmers a new and more dynamic experience to the gameplay.

Welcome to Kiwi Farm.

Enjoy a magical farming game that will immerse you in the marvelous world of Kiwi farming with a unique vertical gameplay and colorful art.

Set in the exotic island of New Zealand, you can grow and decorate your Kiwi Vine up into the sky and harvest juicy kiwis. You will discover more surprises the higher you go.

Manage your adorable kiwi friends and bees to pollinate, harvest and collect your kiwis. Make sure you protect your delicious kiwis from unwanted pests. Label your kiwis with the famous Zespri seal of quality and access to a fun bonus game in which you have to feed your hungry baby.

Be prepared to manage a farm full of Kiwi friends that need to be assigned specific tasks. Construct buildings to decorate your Kiwi Vine according to your needs while guarding against pests. And don’t forget to feed your hungry baby with delicious Kiwi fruits to earn more points. There has never been a farming game like this before… so keep growing your vine and see how high you can go!

**Create your unique Kiwi Vine as you like.
**Grow your kiwi vine up to outer space.
**Manage cute characters to farm, harvest and label your kiwis.
**Enjoy harvesting and collecting delicious and healthy kiwis!
**Defend your kiwis from intruding pests.
**And finally, feed your hungry baby through a refreshing mini game.

Kiwi Farm is designed with everyone in mind.

Created, designed and developed by Mobile Now Group

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