Kitty Slots

Fantastic fun slot machine simulator game, it’s just like being at the casinos but with KITTENS!

Kitty slots is a great slot machine simulator!

Bonus’s are given out every 25 minutes! So check back often to see what you’ve won.

Play up to 9 lines and bet up to a 1,000 coins per line!
Line bets are as follows:
0.01 per line
0.02 per line
0.10 per line
0.25 per line
0.50 per line
1.00 per line
1.50 per line
2.00 per line
5.00 per line
10.00 per line
25.00 per line
50.00 per line
100.00 per line
500.00 per line
1000.00 per line

Payouts of up to 100,000 per bet, per line!

** Coming Soon : More bonus games, iPad support, Game Center, Tournaments

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