Kiss My Rocket

Time to put away your birds and instead wheel out the heavy artillery! This MMO takes gamers’ locations in the real world and throws them into a global conflict, where the aim is to launch missiles against other gamers’ bases.

A global playground

Locate your enemies anywhere around the world using the radar. Thanks to the interactive world map with 12 zoom levels, you can pinpoint anyone anywhere!

Sending a missile has never been so easy: select a missile from the different ones available, position your sights over the world map, add a dedication for your recipients and then FIRE! Watch your missile’s progress in real time and then simply wait for your opponents to respond.

Whenever your base takes a hit, you will receive a notification: keep an eye on your base to see how much damage it has taken!
Gain experience, collect achievements and compare your progress in the Game Center. Invite your friends and share your scores on Facebook.

The game is distributed for free with in’app purchases including virtual money for buying new missiles and protections.


– English / French
– Multiplayer online
– Universal Application
– Game Center support
– Retina Display support
– World map with 12 zoom levels

– Player’s location is used once during profile creation.
– This game requires an internet connection
– Maps accuracy may vary depending on world regions

(Please note that geolocation is part of the game so you need to accept it to play)

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Data used to create game maps are from the Open Street Map project and follow (c) OpenStreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA ( ) licence

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