Kinoco season came on Kinoco Hills.
Let’s go to Kinoco (Mushroom) hunting with Kaerusan (Frog’s name).
And let’s Hunt Kinoco that grows one after another.
The way to hunt is to touch the face of the Kinoco then pull it up slowly! (Kinoco can be hunted after complete to growth.)
Sometimes Rare Kinoco appears. (There is a good affinity between the rare Kinoco.)

In the mode menu to click the [Kinoco] button shows the point clear and the hi-score clear menu.
To click the [Dragon Fly] button shows the help menu.

No time limit. So enjoy Kinoco hunting !
Touch the face of the Kinoco and pull it up slowly! (Kinoco can be hunted after complete to growth.)
After hunting Kinoco, it fall down then Kaerusan gathers it.
There is the hunting point (It depends on the life of Kinoco.) and the gather point (Kinoco’s point).
Sometimes Karakusa-Kaeru (This frog intercepts the hunted Kinoco.) appears.

Press the [Kinoco] Button, to show the library of Kinoco.
To press the [Frog] Button shows the quit menu. Quitting the game from this menu, the points and the Kinoco collections are automatically saved.

Hunt Kinoco as much as possible in 2 minutes.
To touch Kinoco and drag it slowly stantingly from the bottom tier, some Kinoco can be hunted.
When continuously hunting same Kinoco the combo mode starts !
The combo continues when change from the normal Kinoco to the rare one.
In the combo mode the score is added more times than normal. (MAX. 7x)
The Kinoco that are hunted in the Slow Hunting mode appear.

After hunting the number of Kinoco that you hunted are shown by clicking the [Kinoco] button.
The Hi-score is saved automatically.

*Now the Remove Ads is not available. (3-Mar)

This app is for iPhone 4/S, 5 and 4/5th generation iPod Touch.

For Takenoco (Bamboo shoot) sect., TakenocoPon is released !

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