Kingdom Story™

“So many monsters to fight, this is great!”
“So much to do, never a dull moment!”
“Love the great graphics and animations!”

What’s New in Version 1.16
-Daily tasks added
-Activated account registration feature again
-New feature: collect-all-resources-at-once
-Tiny improvements and minor bug fixes

Kingdom Story, a mixed style role-playing, simulation and strategy game, takes place during a time of magic. In this mythical Kingdom world, you are a lord battling monsters, magical creatures, evil mages and wicked wizards all in the hope of building a powerful and prosperous kingdom for your subjects. But beware, there are always powerful evil lords and other competing Kingdoms that want to prevent your ascension so it is essential that you forge a powerful army with great Generals.

– Build your city in so many ways!
– Many Generals and soldiers to choose from!
– Forge powerful weapons and gears for your Generals!
– Tons of evil monsters to fight!
– Rich graphics, great sounds and animations!
– Simple interfaces for easy control of your expanding city

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