Kingdom Coins for iPhone – Dozer of Coins Arcade Style

★★ #1 UK Dice Game! ★★
★★ #1 Australia Dice Game! ★★
★★ #1 Canada Dice Game! ★★
★★ Top 5 USA Dice Game! ★★

Kingdom Coins is a beautiful and fun arcade coin pusher game for your iPhone or iPod!

Download this FREE game now to start playing!

Join the fun by dropping the gold coins and pushing them to your new high score! You’ll see fun prizes drop down that unlock special bonuses for your great game play. Baby tigers, cute panda bears, kittens, and even young dragons that unlock bonus prizes and more free giveaways!

Be careful not to push the coins and prizes off the side…they won’t count! Giant coins drop and coin walls come up to give you a big boost to help though. If you run out of coins, that’s ok! You can wait for more and keep playing!

Join the fun with these great features:

★ Beautiful 3D graphics
★ Amazing physics and realistic movements
★ Over 90 prizes to win!
★ Fun sound effects
★ Hundreds of levels
★ Special bonuses you’ll have to see to believe!

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We hope you love playing this game as much as we do!

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