King Xerxes Maze

Long, long ago in the lost Kingdom of Xerxes, young Marcus Antonius, tends his family’s small herd of sheep. He spends the long lonely hours dreaming of becoming a knight so that he might serve his famous King, “Xerxes of Xertonia”. To win this honor, and the camel that comes with it, he must call on his wits to conquer the three challenges King Xerxes has decreed as the path to Knighthood:

•Survive the Forbidden Forest.
•Conquer the Dangerous Seas.
•Cross the Foreboding Desert

At last his chance has come, help Marcus succeed and become Sir Marcus of Xertonia!

Based on Conway’s “Maze of Life Algorithm,” King Xerxes Maze requires logical thinking, good strategy, and a talent for puzzles. Every action on your part causes a reaction in the maze. Use a power up if you get really stuck but remember, you cannot just shoot your way to success!

Challenge yourself, and your friends, to increase your score by bettering your times and reducing your moves. Or, compete for the most coins & most moves to a win.

This is a test of your wits and skills because King Xerxes is NOT your typical maze!

•Challenging gameplay
•36 unique mazes per level
•Three levels of difficulty
•Unlimited opportunities to improve score
•Compete for high scores on Game Center Leaderboard
•3 power ups available
•Each maze is winnable without use of power ups

For Tips on Playing King Xerxes Maze visit our website.

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