King of cheats for Words with friends

Fully automatic, no typing needed!!
Cheapest and OFFLINE!
* Image-recognition technology that scans the board for you!, the best and faster OCR for iOS.

*iPhone 5 Ready!

* The first that works offline!! other apps submit your board to internet consuming your 3G data, King of cheats works in your own device without sending anything. once you’ve downloaded the app it will be working forever, don’t trust in external servers that could receive information of your device or that could be switched off. What if you’ve paid for an application and after that the company disappears and shuts down their servers?

* Smart Positioning: takes into account all existing letters on the board, also seeks the best score including double and triples, the application scans your game and displays the best word inside the board.

* Same dictionary that words with friends, never fails.

* Universal iPhone IPad, don’t pay twice for the same thing.

* The most advanced algorithm, the best word always! certified!

* Support of asterisks, shock your opponent with words of more than 100 points.

This application is designed for all versions of iPhone, iPad and iPod except iPhone 3G and 3GS

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