King Casino

Enter the King Casino and play the most popular casino games, for free!

King Casino is the best value for money casino game on the iTunes Store!

Start off by creating your profile and get 100 coins free!

Get the excitement of Vegas on your iPhone or iPad for free!

Get 25 dollars each day for free!

Some of the features of King Casino are:
Originated in 1895, play slot machine and you can win up to $250,000 in one pull!

Bet your chips and play in one of the most popular table casino games of them all!

Have a quick hit of cricket and try to beat your high score.

Have a go at this very simple and addictive card game.

Play this traditional Australian gambling game involving two coins.

View the stats from all your bets and games.

Machine sounds, in-game music and other sounds to make a realistic casino experience.

A rulebook to explain all the casino games included and the payouts.

A quick tutorial to show you the basics of the game.

*Requires iOS Firmware 3.1.3 or later.

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