King Cashing 2

Universal Game Center Rating: 12+

King Cashing 2 is a game from Productions Multimage Inc., originally released 28th February, 2013


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King Cashing 2 Review

Slot machines hold little appeal if you’re used to having full control over the outcome of your games. Unlike most casino games, videogames usually emphasize skill over luck, so why should players sacrifice strategy and control to anticipate the timing of rapidly spinning wheels? King Cashing 2 invites you to let go of that control to embark on a randomized ride full of zombies, loot, and mayhem.

King Cashing 2 is the sequel to the medieval-themed King Cashing, which first introduced the RPG/ Slots combat mechanic. Like in the first game, you have to spin and then stop three wheels, which contain images of heroes, weapons, and enemies. Match an enemy with a hero or weapon, and you’ll inflict a bit of damage. Match all three, and you’ll hurt them even more.


King of the road.

While the first King Cashing didn’t have much of a story, and featured a routine set of characters, King Cashing 2 feels much more alive. The medieval setting has been transformed into a modern zombie apocalypse, with the king and his minions revived as bloodthirsty zombies. Any punks, police, retail workers, or beach-goers who get in your way run the risk of joining your zombie army as minions.

The story of King Cashing 2 is told through epic comic-book menus, which are full of intricate artwork and reveal your enemies in a unique way. As you fight your way through each page, you’ll also unlock shops and secret battles for a bit of extra variety. The first three comic books offer over 55 battles, and a fourth set of levels is promised in a future update.


They see me rolling, they baking…

Adding to the fun is the high-quality artwork, which alternates between pixel art for the slot-machine battles, and larger, sharper profiles for your zombies and their victims. The artwork really brings out their personality, and some of the characters you encounter are parodies of popular internet memes, like a hipster barrista or the laughing, lime-carrying stock photo guy.

Pausing the slot machines to perform attacks in combat feels a bit like rolling a dice– sometimes you’ll luck out, earning bonus combos and experience points, but sometimes you’ll fail miserably due to no fault of your own. You can improve your odds by finding powerful new weapons and zombies, some of which can add boosts to your attacks. Our favorite attacker is the zombie necromancer, who will summon an extra human to serve as a weapon after each attack.


Epic combat, or zombie slaughter?

You can also replay earlier fights to earn more in-game currency, but buying your way through the game with in-app purchases is not an option. Without an open hand to request more funds, King Cashing 2 feels well-balanced, and you’ll progress at a nice, even pace.

King Cashing 2 is a huge leap over the previous game, and it does an admirable job of combining attractive artwork, a unique gameplay mechanic, and incremental in-game progress. The storyline alone makes King Cashing 2 worth buying, but you may also find yourself hypnotized by its spinning displays. We never thought a game could turn us into slot-machine zombies, but King Cashing 2 certainly has.