Kinetic Balls Trivia

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Kinetic Balls – Trivia – Release v 1.0


Extending the success of original Kinetic Balls – now comes the trivia version!!

Play Newton’s Laws and Surprising Information categories for FREE and BUY other categories Math, Geography and History for a VERY LOW PRICE!!

This fun, fully narrated Quiz-game is like participating in your own quiz show!

Topics include: History, Geography, Math, Isaac Newton, & More!

What you get:

> A fully narrated trivia game with announcer!

> The feel of participating in your own trivia game show!

> Online high score board!

> Frequent updates and services from Motion 9!

> An in-game store where you can obtain more categories for a low price!

> Over 50 challenging trivia questions!

> A unique scoring system based on the time it takes you to answer!

> An in-game physics toy in addition to trivia questions!


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