Kim´s Adventure

Kim´s Adventure is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Kim’s Adventure Review

Kim’s Adventure is one of those games that we tried to enjoy, but couldn’t. A number of problems make it far from fun. While the graphics pop and the game is playable if you don’t mind lots of restarts, it does not live up to what it could be.

3D platformers often create interesting worlds for players to explore, and Kim’s Adventure is halfway there. The graphics are crisp and colorful, which really makes them pop. However, the style never changes throughout the game. Each world is simply a rehash of circular and moving platforms in different colors. Within these similar-looking worlds, there are springs to send you up in the air, crates holding health regeneration or coins, and enemies that try to stop you.

Yes, that’s the helmet from Kill Bill.

The enemies in particular are badly implemented. They can attack you from above, off screen, and from extremely long distances. Their pellet attacks shoot quickly and deal a lot of damage per hit, which is aggravating since half the time it is nearly impossible to hit them back. Sometimes our bullets even went through enemies. Those cute little creatures actually made us cower in fear.

Controls in a platformer should allow you to be quick and agile, but they don’t do either in Kim’s Adventure. The tiny analog stick and buttons often didn’t respond to our input, which can spell death if you are in the vicinity of an enemy. Also, the tilt to turn mechanism makes camera movement slow and clunky. A swiping mechanic or set camera position would help.

Jumping around on a cupcake.

If you die, you must run back through the entire level. This is extremely tedious, especially if you are close to the end. Checkpoints are a desperately needed feature for this game.

Kim’s Adventure also doesn’t seem to make full use of the iPhone’s graphical capabilities, either. The low draw rate makes some levels confusing to play, as there is no way to see what is on the platform ahead of you. Other games with more powerful graphics still run fine with the extra visibility.

None of these issues are things that couldn’t be changed in an update, but until that day comes we can’t recommend this game. Avoid Kim’s Adventure for now.