It is a puzzle game of female pictures.
They are 2 kinds of puzzles, “Slide Puzzle (15 Puzzle)” and “Jigsaw Puzzle”.
Since the number of the piece of a puzzle is 16, I think that the puzzle itself is easy.
A picture will be added if the puzzle of the last picture is completed. (There are 28 sheets in all now.)

Slide Puzzle, Jigsaw Puzzle :
The piece of a puzzle will be shuffled if the tap of the “Start” button is carried out. The piece of a puzzle can be moved after a shuffle finishes.
The original picture will be displayed if the tap of the “Img On” button is carried out into a game.
Record will be broken if a best time comes out. If it exceeds 999.9 seconds, by deadline, a game will terminate.
A picture can be chosen if the tap of the “Select” button is carried out.

Gallery :
The added picture can be seen.
If the tap of the “to Album” button is carried out in the case of a charged version, the selected picture can be saved on the album of iPhone.
– About preservation of a picture (Charged version) –
In a Retina display, “Saves by high resolution” and “Saves with screen size” can be chosen.
Saves by high resolution : 4-inch screen (640x1136px), 3.5-inch screen (640x960px)
Saves with screen size : 4-inch screen (320x568px), 3.5-inch screen (320x480px)

Settings :
In the case of the charged version, advertising ON/OFF can be performed.
The purchase of a charged version can be performed.
(The function of a charged version: Advertising ON/OFF. A picture is saved on the album of iPhone.)

The already released charged application “KiminoPuzzle” is the same function as the charged version of this application.

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