Kim Rhode's Outdoor Shooting

Kim Rhode's Outdoor Shooting is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Kim Rhode’s Outdoor Shooting Review

If you cringe at the thought of blowing up bunnies with RPGs and miniguns, then this game is definitely not for you. Seek out something a little more cuddly instead. But if you’ve got the steely nerve of a hunter, Kim Rhode’s Outdoor Shooting is a game with massive artillery that packs quite a punch as far as entertainment value goes.

Shooting gallery hunting games are plentiful on the App Store, but Outdoor Shooting takes the genre to the next level by allowing you to freely roam around a variety of areas, including a farm and different forests. Each of these is quite large, and you will rarely come across a boundary. They also have their own location-specific game to hunt.

The buck stops here.

Outdoor Shooting also brings to the table some of the most outlandish (and, to the animals, cruel) weapons we’ve seen in a hunting game. Besides the standard pistol, shotgun, and rifle, you also have a chance to use an AK-47, RPG, and minigun.

All six weapons have their own strengths. For example, the rifle has a scope, the minigun can shoot lots of ammunition before reloading, and the RPG kills anything in its radius with one shot, including you. Some of this is overkill, as you can take down huge grizzlies with just your pistol.

One challenging aspect is that you can only bring one weapon with you at a time. Many players won’t mind this, but we would have liked the ability to switch on the go.

There are some issues that diminished our enjoyment of this hunting game. The first is immediately noticeable in the screenshots and likely to put many players off: the graphics are not that good. While the draw distance is exceptional, the textures and 3D models look like blobs of color. It is possible to overlook the visuals if you enjoy the core gameplay, but considering the graphical power of some iPhone games, Kim Rhode’s Outdoor Shooting doesn’t hold up.

Say hello to my little friend!

Our other major gripe is that the animals have very little sense of their surroundings. Many times we were able to step right in front of them and kill them on the spot, taking a bit of the fun out of the hunting experience. This also makes the game too easy.

Even with no campaign mode, our interest was held for hours by unlockable maps, weapons, and achievements. Plus, the game is surprisingly entertaining, as long as making BBQ steak out of deer with the help of your handy RPG doesn’t offend you. For an entertaining afternoon hunting, try loading up Outdoor Shooting.