Kim Kardashian My Girl


Kim Kardashian is the hottest girl right now and how cool would it be to have her as YOUR GIRL! Imagine if all your friends seen you with her? Talk about the jealousy!!

Well your wishes have just been answered and we made it just for you “Kim Kardashian My Girl”!

Now you can take any picture, anywhere, and have Kim in it with you. That’s right, a picture of you and Kim Kardashian, TOGETHER!

Choose your favorite Kim Kardashian pose, merge it with a picture of yourself, then post the picture on Facebook, Twitter or email it to all your friends whom might we add will be totally jealous that you have a picture of YOU and Kim hanging out, walking together or maybe even look like a couple!

You can even put on Kim’s favorite accessories! Try on Kim’s jewelry, Bags, Sunglasses and even Kim’s hair!!!

The best thing about Kim Kardashian My Girl is that it’s FREE!!! Yes, FREE!!!

Don’t be the last person on earth without a picture with Kim!


The app is super easy to use!

Take a picture or use one of your pictures saved to one of your albums.

Resize and move the picture to where you feel would be best to have Kim in with you.

Select a Justin you want to be with you. Position and scale him to the correct size to fit in correctly.

Click the Adjust Pic button to lighten, darken or adjust the color.

Click Accessories to add your favorite Kim accessories to you picture.

When the picture looks good, click Save/Share.

Choose how you want to share this picture to your friends and family! Choose from Email, Post to Facebook, Post to Twitter or save the photo for future use!

Create as many pictures of you and Kim as you want! And why not create pictures of Kim and your family or pets! Be creative and have FUN!!

The more pics you post up on Facebook, the more pictures unlock!

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