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KillingZone Defense is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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KillingZone Defense Review

Plants Vs. Zombies has seen a great deal of success, and found its way onto multiple gaming devices. It makes sense, then, that other games would mirror its format. KillingZone Defense is one of those games, but its slow pace and sub-par dialogue make it a far cry from PvZ.

The main character is an aviator-toting man named John, who wakes up one day to find his house a mess, and monsters everywhere. After saving his sister, the two run off to find other survivors, puzzling at their situation all the while. While we are happy for a plot, which is rare in zombie games, the dialogue is sub-par, with way too many exclamation points.

Home on the grid.

Although KillingZone Defense (KZD) imitates the grid system used in PvZ, with zombies shambling down different rows where your units are stationed, it does a good job at differentiating itself. Instead of planting anew at the start of each round, KZD has characters who gradually level up, gaining access to more weapons and special talents as you progress.

The gameplay is full of time-management strategy, because everything is based on collecting coins and buying weapons and ammo. Seven different weapons are available to the five characters, and each character has two special abilities. John, for instance, starts out with an ability to set up turrets, and later gains access to grenades.

Knife to meet you.

The monsters are really ugly zombies, and vary widely: Some wield plungers, some drive vehicles, and some are creepily bandaged and hold bloody syringes. They get stronger as stages go on, and allocating resources to different rows to fight them back takes strategy and more than a little luck.

There is certainly a lot of gameplay to be had in KillingZone Defense, with nine maps and 45 stages, but the stages are long and often begin with a painstakingly slow pace. We found ourselves getting tired of how the they drag on before the map changed or something new was introduced. If you love strategy and time-management, and have already played PvZ, you might find some enjoyment in this game. If not, however, we advise caution.