Killer Tomato

The Story
A nuclear experiment went wrong. Suddenly you became a killer tomato with the ability to inflate and fly. Now you are on the run and the whole world is after you. you don’t know whether they will try to find a cure or make you the next brand of ketchup. In all cases, you don’t want to hang around and find out.

The Game
Inflate yourself and fly away as far as you can while avoiding all obstacles in the sky. The armies of the world will stop at nothing to put you down. you will face sky mines, missiles, balloons & even zeppelins. but don’t let that discourage you from reaching safety.
On your way don’t forget to eat the nuclear pills. they will give you enough energy to carry on and keep your superpowers.
One more strange thing, you have noticed that when you inflate to a certain degree, you can eat and digest missiles. Use this power wisely
The game is pure fun! Appropriate for all ages and all types of characters. Give it a try and let us know what you think!


Super adventure with many challenges. it’s easy to learn and hard to master.
Great controls
Dangerous Obstacles:
– Sky mines
– Ballons
– Zeppelins
Cool powers:
– Nuclear pills
– Lightening pills
– Super Shield

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