Change the location of blocks, and set out same three designed blocks in pale-wise or horizontal row!
Aim a high score within a limited time!

– By flicking blocks from right to left or up and down, you can make blocks switch places with the one next to it.
– When you set out more than three blocks which has same picture, they’ll be gone.
(※If they didn’t set out, they will go back to where they were.)
– Blocks will fall down to where nothing in there, so try to make it be catenation.
– When TIME became zero, it means your game is over!

・If you erase blocks with number, you’ll get score as the block says.
・When you get score, you’ll also get extra TIME.
・Tap [HINT], then you’ll see which blocks are able to erase.
(If you make them be catrnation as much as possible, you might be able to use [HINT] more than useal・・・)
・Tap Star Coin, all blocks in horizontal row will be gone.
・Tap Shuffle Blocks, one kind of all blocks will be gone randomly.

Be No.1 on online ranking♪

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